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Guidelines for reviews and Registration form


Enquiries: e-mail SCBWI.ZA@gmail.com. Put Review inquiry in the subject line 

GUIDELINES FOR WRITERS Manuscripts submissions must be sent electronically in advance.

Writers: All submissions must be sent in advance (to reach us by 14 October by the latest) so that the reviewer has the time to read and review your work. During your 25 minute review, you will be given a written critique of the work you submitted and you will have time to ask questions. 

All material must be your own work.

All submissions should have a one-page covering letter which must include

·         A short bio (not more than 150 words). If you have been published, list your last two publications

·         all your contact details

·         the story title and approximate word count of the full manuscript (where applicable), target age range.

Examples of submissions:

·         a picture book manuscript text (only) – no illustrations to be sent unless you are the illustrator. Do not include other graphics (photographs, charts) unless they are an essential part of the project (for example a photographic picture book about water lilies).

·         For longer fiction - a one-page (maximum) synopsis and the first five pages of your manuscript whether a chapter book, reader or novel (double-spaced and 12 pt font - Times New Roman). 

·         Other writing - four page sample of writing (four poems, four pages of nonfiction with the concept idea, etc.).

GUIDELINES FOR ILLUSTRATORS- illustrators to bring their work with them on the day of their review. 


Prepare your portfolio of original illustrations (the one you will show to all the publishers or established illustrators and then take home with you) in such a way that it can be handled easily: preferably in an A3 or A4 folder that can be paged through. Rather select a few of your best works than lots of examples with some indifferent or irrelevant work amongst them. If your portfolio consists mostly of reproductions of your work (i.e. in published form) bring at least two original illustrations along as well. If you want to show copies of work that is currently at a publisher, make sure that those copies are of very high quality. The same goes for if you do your work mostly on the computer.

Do not take too many examples of illustrations (10 is a good number). 

All material must be your own work.

Bring along to leave with your reviewer...

·      two pages showing examples of your work. Make sure that these two pages have your name and e-mail address or telephone number on them. Make sure you use paper of a good quality and thick enough so that images or type do not shine through.

·      include a one-page covering letter which includes

o    a short bio (not more than 150 words). If you have been published, at least list your last two publications

o    all your contact details

Use a paper clip to keep the three pages together (DO NOT STAPLE & DON’T USE FANCY FOLDERS – this makes it difficult for the publishers to file your material). You can use both sides of the three sheets of paper – this way you will have 6 sides for your info/covering letter and examples of your work. – But not more than to three A4 sheets in total. 


If you have a picture book manuscript (written and illustrated by you), see writers’ guidelines for information on how to submit it). 

More about the Reviewers in previous post


- 1 to 4 November 2013–

Enquiries and information e-mail: scbwi.za@gmail.com

Please send the completed registration form to Elaine Ridge at ridge@adept.co.za by Thursday 10 October at the latest. (Please put Registration –SCBWI Turns 10 in the subject line.)

The full fee (non-refundable) for the events you booked for must be paid electronically by or before 17 October. See payment details below.

Personal details:
First Name
Last Name
Title (e.g. Prof, Dr, Mr, Ms, Mrs)
Date of birth
Profession (e.g Writer, illustrator, editor, librarian etc)
Published?                                                       Not yet published?

Please indicate which applies to you:
Member of SCBWI?                YES     /    NO:

Contact Details:
Telephone (including code)
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Email (booking confirmation will be sent here)

Special dietary requirements  Note: We will do our best to meet your requirements.
Please specify:

REVIEW SESSIONS - Monday 4 November.

Manuscripts: Do you intend to send a manuscript that you want reviewed? Yes / No
Please see website for details.


The following professionals are available to do reviews:
Nathalie Bell (Via Afrika), Laetitia Botha (Freelance Editor), Michelle Cooper (Tafelberg),
Simone Hough (Human & Rousseau), Miemie du Plessis (Lapa), Kerri-Jane Mitchell and Cecile Steenkamp, both from the art department at Oxford University Press
Laurike de Jager (Pearson - Pearson has incorporated MML and Heinemann)

The following published writers and illustrators are available to do reviews:
Paddy Bouma (writer/illustrator) Elaine Ridge (writer), Marjorie van Heerden (writer/illustrator), Samantha van Riet (writer/illustrator)

FORMAL BOOKING FORM FOR REVIEWS:  You can book more than one review (payment is per review). Please give some options – your first choice may not be available.

Reviewer’s names
No. of reviews
Morning or afternoon
Review by SA publisher
@ R100 (member); R200 (non-member) per review

Reviewer’s names
No. of reviews
Morning or afternoon
Review by established author or
@ R50 (member); R100  (non-member) per review


Accepted Forms of Payment
 If you need to use any other form of payment contact Elaine Ridge to make arrangements


SCBWI members

Non members



Birthday party


Electronic payment
Identify your payment by putting your name & SSA10 (for SCBWI SA turns 10) in the Recipient Reference.  Proof of payment must be e-mailed to Elaine Ridge at ridge@adept.co.za
Bank details: e-mailed to Elaine Ridge at ridge@adept.co.za for banking details

Non- Members: Payment for the Review Sessions should only be made once you have been informed that your application has been confirmed